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👣"March" into Spring 🌸

Welcome to the colorful world of Knit Me Sew Me where this time of the year, every stitch tells a story of end of winter and beginning of springtime joy and happiness!


I'm back to work at Knit Me Sew Me full-time after knee replacement surgery (and graduating from physical therapy!) and working like crazy to create more beautifully handcrafted products for you and yours to enjoy. Below is a recap of Knit Me Sew Me's March posts. A separate email will be going out later in the week with information about the three April boutiques Knit Me Sew Me will be participating in. Hope to see you at one or more.


Introducing Knit Me Sew Me’s Newest Specialty!

Look out world, here comes the cutest critter in the land! This handmade crocheted Pretty in Pink Beary Nice Hat isn’t just warm, it’s topped with a darling little bow that adds a touch of playful charm. This whimsical hat is sure to turn heads and melt hearts wherever your little one goes! Order yours at the link above (and they will also be available at the April boutiques).

Have a favorite color or two?


Want a Lucky Ducky that sports your company’s or your favorite color(s)? Then let Knit Me Sew Me create it for you!

Jennifer Dooley is an Origami Owl representative and asked me to create a Lucky Ducky in the company’s colors of teal and white. Below is the finished product sitting pretty atop Jennifer’s booth display.

Jennifer writes: “I absolutely love my “custom order” lucky duck!!! The stitching and overall quality of this handmade item is amazing, right down to the perfect color that Alise chose to match my business setup. Alise is such a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend her, and I can’t wait to pick up some of her fingerless gloves!”

Contact me at and let’s collaborate!

Additionally, Lucky Duckies are flying all over the place, which means I’ve been crazy busy crocheting more! This is by far one of my favorite patterns as I love seeing him come to life as I put the pieces together. In my travels, I have seen lots of duckies following each other, so I created the video below. Please like, share and subscribe, so you can see where Ducky has been and use this link to order your very own Lucky Ducky.

Fashion Comes Full Circle


I grew up in the 60’s, and granny squares were all the rage. Everything from vests, skirts, jackets and hobo bags to afghans and pillows. Well, the granny square craze is now upon us again. A brand-new yarn from Yarnspirations has just been released; and it’s called, you guessed it, “Red Heart All in One Granny Square.” This yarn is dyed in an innovative striping effect designed to crochet five-color granny squares without having to switch colors. This means next to no ends to weave in, and I’m definitely loving that!

There are lots of color waves available. As always, make sure you purchase enough of the same dye lot to complete your project. Please see “What is a Dye Lot?” on the blog for more information.

Knit Me Sew Me makes cleaning your floors a breeze!


Knit Me Sew Me strives to create products that are not only useful, but environmentally friendly. We do this by offering Swiffer Covers. Our Swiffer Covers work for both wet and dry Swiffers. Made from durable 100% cotton, these can be used and washed over and over again. Why spend tons of money on single-use pads that end up in a landfill when you can have clean floors and help the environment? A new supply is now available, so use the link here to order your Swiffer Covers.

Great Job Knit Me Sew Me!

Natalie DeLeo is one of the first women I met on the Alignable networking platform. She and I made an instant connection, so much so that she and I have adopted each other as sisters! She trusted me with the task of creating a special crocheted stuffed bear for her hairstylist, Megan, which appears in the photo below. Natalie writes: “Knit Me Sew Me is the No. 1 small business with the biggest heart. Alise, your creativity, ability and positivity is the drive behind your business. I have known Alise since the start and there is no stopping her from succeeding. Then she goes one more step to share her ideas with others so they can grow their business. That is a true professional. You deserve so much and are so humble.” Thank you, sis!

Dudes with Yarn

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Guys knitting and crocheting? I say, why not!  Guys are creating everything from hats and sweaters to cozies and even beard warmers! Guys can channel their creativity and use it to make something that reflects their style. Believe it or not, there are men’s knitting and crocheting groups. For us women, we drink wine. For the guys, it’s beer!

Guys get stressed, too. The knitting and crocheting repetitive motions have a calming effect and helps guys to unwind. I’m sure receiving a handmade gift from your other half would be quite a unique experience. It may not be perfect, but it was made from the heart.  So, guys, grab some yarn and knitting needles or a crochet hook and get to it!

The Crochet Crowd is a huge group helmed by Michael (Mikey) Sellick and Daniel Zondervan. Their website ( is filled with patterns, videos and how to’s. Mikey is also on Facebook, and there are tons of videos on YouTube. You’ll be amazed to see what he has accomplished.

So what does my "normal" week usually look like?


Little did I know when I started the business that just making and selling products would be just part of the process. So, what’s usually on my plate?

First and foremost, ensuring that the website (and its new Home Page and Blog page, which I hope you like!) are working and linking properly. I have come such a long way from when the website was being built to maintaining it today. The Gallery and Boutiques sections have also undergone a remodel. (The three Spring boutiques in April are also listed, so check out the details on the page.)

I spend a good amount my week networking. My main networking platform is Alignable, and this has been a phenomenal avenue to growing Knit Me Sew Me. There are so many small businesses that are vying for a share of the market, and that especially is true for us whose products are entirely handmade. The folks I have met have been supportive and helpful (especially when it comes to Google and SEO).

Last but not least and most importantly, scheduling blocks of time to create Knit Me Sew Me’s world-famous knitted, crocheted and sewn specialties. This is the time when my creative juices really flow in anticipation of bringing these handcrafted beauties to you! Stay tuned for what’s to come!

And Finally

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Until next time, take care and be well!


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