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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Color - Part 2

This post reviews two more aspects of color: Embracing the Power of Neutral Colors and Achieving Harmony through Contrasting Colors.

Embracing the Power of Neutral Colors - If you feel overwhelmed by the myriad of color choices out in the marketplace, don’t worry because neutrals can become your best friends!

I LOVE neutrals as evidenced by all the black, white and gray items that are in my closet! Versatile colors like beiges, creams and grays are easy to pair and easy to wear. They blend with any style and offer a foundation upon which to build. Neutrals have a timeless elegance that won’t go out of style, so your design will stay fresh for years to come. Create a wardrobe that reflects your individual style and use the magic of neutrals to make it happen. For more information, Wonder Wardrobes has a great article entitled “Master the Art of Wearing Neutral Clothing Colors.”

Achieving Harmony through Contrasting Colors - Drab is so over with, so embrace the exciting and the fabulous. Be a head-turner by adding contrasting colors to your wardrobe. Imagine a royal blue top paired with a sunshine yellow scarf or a crisp white shirt worn underneath a fire red jacket. Contrasting colors create a dynamic duo for a look that’s anything but dull and boring.

In Part 3, we’ll finish up how colors reflect your personality and how to experiment with confidence. so, stay tuned!

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Until next time, take care and be well!


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