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Grey Messy Bun Hat
Grey Messy Bun Hat
Black Messy Bun Hat
Silver Mist Stockinette Wristlets
Eagle Gold Stockinette Wristlets
Mini Grid Blanket - newborn baby
Cast Iron Skillet Cover in Use

I recently purchased a cast iron skillet handle cover from the fabulously talented Alise.  As I am a novice and learning to use the cast iron skillet, this handle cover has quickly become my favorite kitchen item.  I can put it on the handle right before removing the skillet from the oven.  No worries about burned fingers or hands.  I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a cast iron skillet.  In fact, order two!!     Sharon B.

Grace and Liz wearing their Knitty Head Wraps and Matching Wristlets

Alise, Liz and I love our Knitty head wraps and matching wristlets. Thank you so much!   Grace

Grace wearing her Knitty Head Wrap
Beth wearing her Mahagony Singe Knitty Head Wrap

Beth wearing her new Knitty head wrap, which she has also fashioned into a neck wrap.  So clever and beautiful as well!

Beth wearing her Knitty Head Wrap as a Cowl
Savannah with her hat and purse
Pink and White Custom Baby Blanket
Ella with Piggy Bottle Holder
Night Night Custom Baby Blanket
Ella and White Lucky Ducky
Custom Hearts Baby Blanket
Rosamond in her Black Chenille Hat

Alise, thank you for the custom-made chenille hats.  They are a perfect fit!  Rosamond

Rosamond in her Red Chenille Hat
 Mini Bunny on Display
Easter Peep on Display
Mini Bunny on Display
Mini Bunny on Display
Mini Bunny on Display

Happy Easter at Susan's house

Jordyn wearing her custom Pug Hat

Jordyn wearing her custom pug hat ordered by her grandpa Tony.

Jordyn and Grandpa Tony - Daniel Tiger Hat

Jordyn wearing her new custom Daniel Tiger has also ordered by her grandpa Tony.

Custom Baby Blanket

Just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into finding the perfect colors for my granddaughter’s blanket.  It turned out beautiful like everything you have made for me.  It’s been a pleasure working with someone who takes pride and cares about her work.  Look forward to working with you again.  Cathy

Susie wearing her Sea Muse Stockinette Wristlets
Susie's Bowl Cozies

Just received my wristlets and microwave hot the workmanship!  The wristlet color is beautiful and the yarn is quite soft.  So happy!  Susie

Megan with Jonathan Bear

Jonathan Bear was requested by my new “sister,” Natalie, for new mom-to-be Megan.  This pattern was really interesting because the pieces were not crocheted in the round.  Instead, each piece was made separately and then sewn together.  The seams for all the pieces were either on the sides or in the front.  Assembling him was really difficult.  As I started putting all the pieces together, he really started to look terrific; and Megan absolutely loved him!

Custom Mouse Hat and Scarf

One of my customers absolutely loves the Mouse and she asked if I could make her a Mouse hat with earflaps.  I made this beautiful hat by combining two patterns, and the result was terrific.  She then ordered a matching scarf, which I created for her from another pattern I wrote myself.

Custom Toilet Paper Holder

Knit Me Sew Me has received some really interesting special order requests.  I think the most unusual was from my sister-in-law, who wanted a toilet paper roll cover for her newly remodeled bathroom.  I found several patterns and texted them to her along with yarn samples.  She picked the pattern and the yarn and then it was up to me to create something beautiful.  Here is the result.  The color and size were perfect, and the wooden button on top was the icing on the cake!

Beary Nice Hat - San Diego Padres

Have a favorite sports team?  Let Knit Me Sew Me create a team-themed hat for you!  I made this hat for one of the San Diego Padres’ pitchers and his wife who were expecting a baby boy.  I wasn’t sure when I mailed it if he would even receive it, but he did and thanked me via a post on Instagram.

Crochet Sedge Stripes Baby Blanket with Matching Hat

What a joy it was to create this beautiful baby blanket with matching hat in pink, white and gray.  That's one of the many things I love about special orders.  The sky is the limit and creativity is boundless!

Jack Skellington Hat

Another customer found me on Alignable and asked for Jack Skeletington hats.  He and I talked while we were both online, and we settled on a pattern.  Here is the result.  So cute and scary at the same time.

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