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Knit With Me Sew With Me

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

It's Spring here in Los Angeles, California. The weather is absolutely beautiful and warming up after a very rainy March. No complaints here as we really need all the rain we can get.

It's been a very busy time at Knit Me Sew Me. Spring boutiques are on the horizon, and I'm looking forward to these in-person events. I love interacting with people and giving them the excellent customer service Knit Me Sew Me is known for. I'm also hoping to meet new folks as well. There are three boutiques scheduled for April and one in May. There is a new "Events" tab on the website where you'll find all of the information. Please come out and support small businesses like Knit Me Sew Me.

Yarn 101 - Part 3 - Probably the most important piece of advice I can give to anyone who crafts with yarn is to make sure all of the dye lots match. So, what is a dye lot? Below is an example:

In the above photo, the Lot # is 638974. This means that if you were purchasing yarn for a project using this yarn, all of the skeins need to have 638974 as the dye lot. Why? Even though each yarn has a number, the actual colors can change from one dye lot to the next. Some will be lighter, some darker. Always purchase extra yarn as this will ensure that you’ll have enough to finish your project. Save your receipt so you can return any full skeins that you didn’t use.

Knit, Crochet or Both - Some folks have told me they were never able to “get” how to knit, and other people have been telling me that they never “got” how to crochet. I have been incredibly lucky that I can do both; and because of this, I have the ability to make basically anything. Just think, a world of knitting and crocheting patterns I have at my fingertips and to choose from. Wow!! Check out the Knit, Crochet or Both video on Knit Me Sew Me’s YouTube channel.

Royal Baby Hat - Many of you have probably seen this photo of Prince Harry with his beautiful son, Archie. The pattern for this cute beanie (Royal Baby Hat) became available shortly after the picture was published. These are now available in size 0-12 months in six different colors.

You Never Know -Recently, I participated in a Happy Neighborhood Project Mid-West Ladies networking event. I found myself in a breakout room with three wonderful women: Deby Miller, DJ Horton and TerryAnn Porter. During their lifetimes, all of them either knitted, crocheted or did both. I explained that I only use bamboo knitting needles, had done so for decades and that a lot of the needle tips were dull. I asked if anyone had an idea as to how to sharpen them, thus saving me tons of money replacing them. Deby piped up and suggested I use a pencil sharpener since the needles are made of wood and so are pencils! Wow, I would have never thought of that!! So, I found our pencil sharpener, pulled out all of the dull needles and had at it. They aren’t dull now! In the photo below, the top needle is dull, and the bottom needle is newly sharpened.

I guess the moral of this story is that you never know who and where you’ll find an idea that will make things easier. Thank you, Deby!!

Mother’s Day Gift from Knit Me Sew Me - Mother's Day is one of the most beloved holidays of the year. Dinner out was always a favorite in my family. When I moved to California, my mom always received flowers. After I got married, my husband’s mom in New York received them as well. They will both be celebrating Mother's Day in heaven, and they are missed every day. For those of you fortunate to be celebrating this day with your moms, Knit Me Sew Me has a great themed gift, which is new. It’s a set of four sustainable and washable cotton coasters. They come wrapped in a beautiful bag and ready to give to mom. With warmer weather around the corner, these are great for tumblers and ice tea glasses. Supply is limited on these, so order early.

And, finally

Until next time!


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