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What's in Alise's Toolbox - Part 5

In this final installment of the series, here are the last items in my toolbox.

pencil sharpener, pom pom makers, assorted size needles, knitting needles stoppers, Knit Chek
Tools in Alise's Toolbox

At the top is a pencil sharpener. I know you’re probably asking yourself, “Why the heck would Alise need a pencil sharpener?” Well, pencils are made from wood and so are bamboo knitting needles. It was easy to sharpen them. As a matter of fact, I sharpened them too much and ended up puncturing my fingers. Enter a nail file, which I used to sand them down so the points were easier to work with. Live and learn! Thanks to my friend Deby “Dubb” Miller who gave me this idea.

Below the sharpener are pom pom makers. Pom poms are made by wrapping the yarn around the circle, then cutting the yarn though the channel, adding a piece of yarn in the channel as a tie, then pull really tight. After removing the halves, it gets shaped into a pom pom, and then all you need to do is trim it around and use the tie to attach to your project.

Under the pom pom makers are needles. I use lots of different sizes for sewing on buttons, weaving in ends and attaching pieces to stuffed animals. Most of my needles are metal, but I have a few plastic ones in my toolbox.

At the bottom is a Knit Chek. This toolbox item is ingenious! If you don’t know the needle size, you pop it into the holes until you find the one that it perfectly fits. Voila!! You’re all set. There is also a ruler in inches and centimeters, which can be used when measuring projects as they are in the works.

Lastly are knitting needle stoppers. Nothing’s worse than going to work on a project and the stitches are not on the needles!! The center and right ones are made from rubber. The left one is easy. Just take a rubber band and wrap it around your needles. The price is definitely right! As long as you have some rubber bands lying around, it’s totally free. (“Free” and “sale” are my two favorite words!)

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