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The Adventures of Lucky Ducky!

Lucky Ducky began his travels with my sister, Sharon, and me on our Europe trip in the summer of 2022. He started getting a flock of followers, who then all wanted their own Ducky to travel with. Here are some of Ducky's most recent exploits!
We were inspired by the flock and conducted a "Win the Lucky Ducky" contest. 
Ducky's new home is with Marita in Simi Valley, California.
See the video diary on YouTube. Please don't forget to like and subscribe!
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About Knit Me Sew Me

Knit Me Sew Me is truly a labor of love. I am Alise, and I have been knitting, crocheting and sewing for over 57 years.  My family and friends were so impressed with the quality of my work that they kept encouraging me to share my gift with others.  I invite you to look through all of the specialties, which are each made by hand with lots of "TLC". 

Knit Me Sew Me Handcrafted Products

Unique Knitted, Crocheted, and Sewn Handcrafted Specialties and so much more!  We provide our customers with a variety of unique and handcrafted products that are useful and practical.
Our goal is that you are able to give a gift that will always be treasured, or share us with our family and friends when you are designing your birthday and holiday wish lists.
We offer 100% made-in-the-USA knitted, crocheted, and sewn handmade products for those seeking specialness and individuality. 
Eagle Gold Head Wrap and Wristets

Eagle Gold Head Wrap and Wristets

Knit Me Sew Me's famous knitted Knitty Head Wrap and matching knitted Stockinette Fingerless Gloves

June's Home Goods Collage

June's Home Goods Collage

A special order Bowl Cozy, Mug Cozy and Scrubby

Knitted Hat - Wickerwork

Knitted Hat - Wickerwork

The pattern for this knitted hat is intricate and is comprised of knit, purl, right twist and left twist stitches. Combined together, this knitted hat is spectacular and a favorite!

Crochet Hat - Owl - Soft Rose

Crochet Hat - Owl - Soft Rose

This is one of Knit Me Sew Me's most popular handcrafted crocheted animal hats! The eyes color-coordinate with the hat itself, and the earflaps sport beautiful braids. Together, it's a fun and stylish way to keep warm. Available in four sizes.

It's a Wedding!

It's a Wedding!

Ducky was thrilled to have his photo taken with a bride and her wedding party outside of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan

"I absolutely love my 'custom order' lucky duck!!! The stitching and overall quality of this handmade item is amazing, right down to the perfect color that Alise chose to match my business setup. Alise is such a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend her, and I can’t wait to pick up some of her fingerless gloves!"
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Susie Whipple

"I love handmade things and especially love giving gifts that showcase someone's talents and skills.  I ordered a set of wristlets - my hands get cold in the winter when I am working on the computer - and a couple of microwave dish holders.  They are beautiful and very well made.  My husband loves the holders for the microwave.  He said he wouldn't object if I ordered a couple more!  Alise’s work is lovely.  I highly recommend Knit Me Sew Me if you want a special handmade gift."  
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Dale Meier

"Alise made an absolutely beautiful baby blanket for my new grandson!! She was wonderful to work with and made sure that the color of yarn and design of the blanket was exactly what I wanted. She exceeded my expectations! For that special gift I highly recommend Alise to make it for you! "
Blue and White Baby Blanket.jpg

Joyce Gilliam

"“I purchased the sachet bag. I was very impressed with Alise crocheting skills. I recommend this bag highly if you're looking to add a natural fragrance to your home, drawers, closets, cars, and any enclosed spaces. The bag is small enough to accommodate any small area. If you're looking for something unique and handcrafted, I recommend Knit Me Sew Me. You will get exactly what you see. The quality is excellent!”"
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