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🌞Sunny Skies and Spring Vibes: Our May Blog

Updated: Jun 8

Welcome to our May edition of "Yarned and Dangerous," where the days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming, and our knitting needles and crochet hooks are moving at warp speed!  This month, we have some new goodies to bring to you. Check out the new podcast, as well as two new Lucky Duckies and two selections from Knit Me Sew Me's YouTube channel! Whether you’re lounging in the park or soaking up the sun on your porch, there’s no better time to catch up with what's happening at Knit Me Sew Me.


Having Fun with J & J

I was honored to be a guest on a recent “Having Fun with J & J Podcast.” I met the first “J” on Alignable. She is Jeanette Jordan of Creations of the Heart. The second “J” is Jennie Dial of Evenest. Both of these wonderful ladies are crafters in their own right; and each week, their podcast highlights a member of our “tribe.” It was one of the funnest experiences I have ever had. Please take time to view the podcast. You’ll be glad you did (and what may be happing in the near future with Ducky).

We love Texture!

Texture is the physical feel of something. In Knit Me Sew Me’s case, it’s yarn … lots and lots of yarn! Texture encompasses the extremes - really soft to really rough and everywhere in between. Texture makes a yarn special, and the perfect pattern brings out its best. For example, smooth yarns like cotton or silk are great for creating refined accessories and garments. Fuzzy yarns like mohair and angora add warmth, coziness and softness. (These yarns are very expensive, but well worth the cost for that very special project.) On the other hand, bouclé yarns sport loops, and these types of projects are so fun to make and wear as they add a bit of whimsy. One of my all-time favorites is chenille, both thin and thick. I have made tons of scarves and hats out of chenille yarn as it is “oh so soft” and great to wear.

The bottom line is there is so much to choose from! Some folks like bulky yarns for scarves and hats. Some prefer lighter weight yarns for wearables. It’s a personal preference, especially where you live during the fall and winter months. I tend to gravitate toward softer yarns that are easy to wear and not scratchy. I live in a mild climate, so my wearables are light-to-medium weight. Knit Me Sew Me has an array of yarns to choose from, so hop on over to the home page at and see what we have to offer and check out the video below!


You want me to make what?


I had an opportunity to meet a wonderful woman on the Alignable networking platform. Her name is Deb Cobb, and she has been a Mary Kay® representative for years.


She was nice enough to write a recommendation for me: “I was on a 1-1 Zoom call with Alise yesterday and came away feeling so upbeat and positive that I had to share this with you. Also, her Ducks are just the cutest little things I've ever seen! Use as a mascot for your work and take it with you to your shows and they will be a big hit. I'm deciding colors for mine as I write. Connect with Alise for an upbeat experience - you won't be disappointed.”


Fast forward - Deb and I collaborated on a very special Lucky Ducky for her. For those of you familiar with Mary Kay, you’ll recognize Deb’s newest friend! Order your own Lucky Ducky at https://knitmesewme.square.sit…\

I've never done this before, but ...

Knit Me Sew Me has been receiving quite a number of calls from its Google Business Page. One call was from a lovely lady named Lourdes. She had just finished her very first crocheted project, which was an absolutely beautiful baby blanket. She was looking for an animal applique for this blanket and two for another one she had just started. The top photo is the bear applique I created and attached to the blanket. The bottom photo shows the two completed dog paw appliques that she will be sewing on to the new blanket once it’s finished.

This kind of request is one of the many reasons I absolutely love what I do. Being able to change gears and take care of whatever comes my way are huge advantages of being my own boss. If you ever need something out of the ordinary, please contact me at

Custom Requests

Knit Me Sew Me is very unique in that we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE custom requests (also known as “special orders”). So, what is a “special order?” A special order is something that we don’t normally have in our inventory, whether it be a product, color, or size. I love being creative, which affords me the opportunity to use my knitting, crocheting, and sewing expertise in many different ways. This also includes writing patterns from actual pieces that customers have brought me. (Make sure you see our post tomorrow about Kristine!) Throughout the years, I have created so many knitted and crocheted special items for my customers that it literally boggles the mind! From chocolate brown Easter bunnies, toilet paper covers, custom crocheted baby blankets, custom knitted and crocheted hats (for both adults and children), to scrubbys and scarves, there is no limit to one’s imagination. I always tell my customers to dream big and tell me what they are seeing in their mind’s eye, so I can make it a reality. If you have something you’ve always wanted, please contact me at I will do my best to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece for you.

Take Me to the Fair!

I met Liz Cotone on the Alignable networking platform, and I’ll let her take it from here. “Alise has so much energy and she uses it to create absolutely lovely handmade items that are really reasonably priced. I visited her booth at a recent local boutique, and my daughter bought one of her crocheted Lucky Ducks that she now takes with her everywhere. I also got some incredible little gifts for Mother's Day!” The photo below is Liz’s daughter, Jenny, with her Ducky at the Renaissance Fair. Join the “Ducky Explosion” by ordering yours at this handy link.


Kudos for Knit Me Sew Me


Nothing makes me happier than a satisfied customer. Years ago, I met Cathy Marrero at a boutique in La Crescenta. She and her friend, Peggy, were both expecting their first grandbabies; and they wanted custom baby blankets. I traveled to Cathy’s house with a box of patterns for them to look through. Cathy picked out a beautiful pattern and gave me the fabric from the crib skirt to match up yarn. Below is the finished project along with Cathy’s kind words of recommendation.

“Just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into finding the perfect colors for my granddaughter’s blanket.  It turned out beautiful, like everything you have made for me.  It’s been a pleasure working with someone who takes pride and cares about her work.”

Check out the Custom Baby Blankets section of the website for photos of beautiful creations.

One Very Special Testimonial!

I met Kristine Choulakian at the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival in 2021. Not only did I crochet larger size Tiger Hats for her two sons, she asked me to re-create a crocheted hat, which she had purchased in San Francisco years earlier. This meant I had to write the pattern from the actual hat, which I did. Kristine writes: “Thank you so much for my amazing hat collection in every color to match my coats!! It has been such a pleasure working with you to create these hats and has been such a blessing for me to have them as they prevent sinus colds for me. I always have one in my car and they are so small it is easy to pack in a suitcase or carry in my purse just in case it gets cold in the plane!! Even though it is such a small detail, it makes such a big difference I my life everyday life! Thank you, Alise!!” Recently, Kristine stopped by, and I am crocheting six more hats for her!

If you have an idea that you want made into reality, please contact me at and let’s collaborate!

New Duckies Have Been Hatched!

A new Lucky Ducky has been hatched, and Knit Me Sew Me is thrilled to introduce “Soldier Ducky!” The idea for Soldier Ducky came from Jeanette Jordan, who is a retired Army sergeant. He is dressed in camouflage and sports a black beak, black feet and a black ribbon. He loves nature is known for blending in! Celebrate and salute the troops by ordering a Soldier Ducky of your very own at this handy link.

Another new Lucky Ducky is here and joins the Knit Me Sew Me flock. We are thrilled to introduce “Woodland Ducky!” I was goofing off one day (which rarely happens!) and saw a photo of a mallard. The idea was then “hatched” for this absolutely beautiful Lucky Ducky. Created from green, white, café latte and bright yellow yarns, this Ducky loves trees, lakes, ponds, waterfalls and anything outdoors. He would love to go camping with you and is happy just relaxing in a lawn chair, hammock, sleeping bag or tent. Order a Woodland Ducky of your very own at this special link.

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Until next time, take care, be well and stay cool!


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