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🏖️ Summer Stitches: Knit Me Sew Me's June Highlights

Updated: 3 days ago

As we embrace the warmth and sunshine of summer, Knit Me Sew Me continues to be a hive of creativity and productivity. June has been an exciting month for our handmade knitted and crocheted products, with a special focus on our charming crocheted animal hats and unique handcrafted gifts. Despite the summer days, we're dedicated to crafting delightful items that bring joy and comfort all year round. Join us as we review the highlights and new additions that made June a remarkable month at Knit Me Sew Me.


What the heck is a “Play Day?”

Well, for most folks it’s taking their children to someone’s house or having them come to you so the kids can spend time playing and having fun. Knit Me Sew Me’s take on this is that I spend the day going through new knitting and crochet patterns and making up samples. Honestly, this takes so much longer than creating products from tried-and-true patterns; however, it also gives me the opportunity to decide which of them will be added to Knit Me Sew Me’s line of beautifully knitted and crocheted specialties. I would also like to know what you think of the items below (from left to right: worry worm, octopus, owl and flower), which are key tags. I have lots more “play days” scheduled, so you’ll start seeing new knitted and crocheted potential products on a regular basis. Stay tuned!!

Customer Service Excellence - The Unique Approach that Sets Knit Me Sew Me Apart from the Others

So, you walk into a store, whether it be a small boutique or a department/big box store. You have a question or need help finding something. You roam up and down the aisles trying to find someone who can help you. Most times, there is no one in sight. I don’t know about you, but this really makes me angry. Many times, I have been so frustrated that I walked out of the store empty handed. Does this happen at Knit Me Sew Me? The answer is NEVER!

I was raised “old-school retail.” My first jobs were working in ladies wear stores. When customers came in, they were always greeted. Once I saw a customer with an armload of clothes to try on, I started a fitting room for her. Every five to ten minutes, I would knock on the door and ask if she was okay or needed a different size, style or color. Then I would ring up the purchases and thank the customer for shopping with us.

Just because it doesn’t happen in the current retail environment, it always happens at Knit Me Sew Me; where today I would be known as a “Personal Shopper.” Whether you stop by my booth at an in-person boutique, shop from my dining room or order from the online shop, I am always available to answer any questions you may have, as well as making suggestions.

So, when you don’t feel acknowledged or appreciated when you shop, please let me show you the “other side.” My goal is to ensure that you know that you are part of the Knit Me Sew Me family, and you will always be treated as such.

Lucky Ducky Goes to Petco Park

Lucky Ducky was beside himself with excitement, his little wings flapping non-stop as he waddled into Petco Park in San Diego for his first major league baseball game. Perched in a special box right near center field, he literally had a bird’s-eye view of Petco Park, as well as everyone who was attending Auntie Becky’s 30th birthday party. He loved watching batters hit the ball, and several came really close to him. Some special folks even got one of the caught balls randomly tossed by the outfielders. He joined the cheers and sang along to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” (It was the very first time he sang in public!) It was one of the best days of his life and left him dreaming of the next time he would be able to “quack, quack, quack” for the home team.

Order your very own Lucky Ducky at!

Hello Who?

Hello Kitty, that’s who! It’s not just a hat, but a purr-sonal statement for kids of all ages. This hat marries the charm of everyone’s favorite feline with warmth and coziness. Crocheted to purr-fection, this hat is the ultimate accessory that will make you the “cat’s meow.” Available in two sizes at this handy link, this hat will add a sprinkle of adorable to your accessories wardrobe.

Happy Customer, Happy Us!

It’s an absolute thrill to not only have met Amber, who contacted me from Knit Me Sew Me’s Google Business Profile, but to work with her as well. Amber had two projects for me. One was a baby sweater with matching booties from a kit that she had purchased, and the other was creating a baby blanket from scratch from yarn that she provided. This particular yarn was so soft and yummy! Both projects were a bit challenging, but when have you known me to shy away from a challenge! Amber writes: “I would recommend Knit Me Sew Me to everyone. Absolutely wonderful service and my items were beautifully made!!”

Thanks so much, Amber, and please let me know when you want me to start on your next project and check out other beautifully handcrafted custom baby blankets at this link.

In Their Own Words: Customer Testimonials that Inspire

I have the honor and privilege of knowing Cathy Weaver (Miracles with Water). I first met Cathy through networking on the Happy Neighborhood platform. From there, we have connected through several standalone networking groups, including Alignable. She is a tremendous source of knowledge and a master networker. She has given me tons of suggestions, which have made my “social media” life easier, including posting parties that cover LinkedIn and YouTube. Cathy writes: “Alise enjoys putting smiles in households and her heart is actually part of each of her beautiful creations!!! Have you followed Lucky Ducky around the world??? Ask Alise Kabakoff about this genius marketing strategy with Knit Me Sew Me!!!” Thank you, Cathy! I absolutely adore you!

Paula Roberts from Aqua Community Relations ( is a fantastic woman! She shines in her consulting business by offering a broad range of services. We “clicked” from the first moment we met during a networking session. I was honored that she wrote this wonderful recommendation for Knit Me Sew Me and me.


“If you’re looking for creative, wearable and gift-worthy handmade accessories, Alise at Knit Me Sew Me offers wonderful choices in a variety of colors and styles. I love checking in at her online store just to see her new ideas, and I even love following her on social media for ducky’s adventures! She’s also quick to respond to personal requests and comments, which makes this an easy recommend!”

Thank you, Paula!

Hot Off the Hook 1 - Custom Lavender Lace Baby Blanket

There is a new member of the Kabakoff family! My husband, Joel, and I are proud to be Uncle and Auntie to our nephew and his wife’s baby girl, who was born recently. Joel told me that they wanted a “purple” blanket for the baby. Well, there are only like thousands of shades of purple; so, after a conversation with mom, the color chosen was lilac. This crocheted baby blanket pattern is called “Lavender Lace.” I paired the yarn with a very light pastel ribbon, and the finished product appears below.  Perfection!

Knit Me Sew Me is known for its custom crocheted and knitted baby blankets. Check them out at this handy link. We would be honored to create a unique and special blanket for you.

Hot Off the Hook 2 - Beanies, Beanies and More Beanies

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the many years I’ve been doing this is that enough is never really enough. Last year, Knit Me Sew Me sold so many crocheted kids’ beanies, that the inventory was depleted. So, this year, I started early. Below are just some of the beanies created for this year; and there will be many more before the fall. I love making these and finding just the perfect button(s) for each one. As always, they are available in a number of sizes. See the array of crocheted kids’ hats at this handy link.

So Many Projects, So Little Time

If you’re like me, you probably have a huge to do list and you don’t know where to start! It’s frustrating being pulled in many different directions and not being able to concentrate all your time on one thing, do that one thing right and then move on. Drives me totally nuts!!

Well, at one time, that was me. I had five or six different knitting and crocheting projects going on at the same time, and I would be literally driving myself crazy trying to figure out what I wanted to do first, then second and on and on. It just seemed like a daunting task to try to get everything done.

So, after having a “yarn” meltdown, I decided enough was enough and that I would do no more than two projects at a time. Now, 99% of the time, it’s one project at a time. This way I can finish something, cross it off my list and move on to the next project. Some people like a variety, so if you want to have one or two that’s okay; but once you get into three, four, five, six, or more, you'll be less likely to finish any of them because the task is just overwhelming.

My advice is to start small, one project at a time, get that finished, and move on to the next one. Believe me, you’ll be more productive and in the long run get more done.

Matching Stripes

Setting Knit Me Sew Me apart from regular retail is really important, especially since it’s a handcrafted business, where the expectations are so much higher. One of the ways we accomplish this is by always matching stripes, whether it’s a crochet or a knit pattern. The magic of matching stripes creates a uniformed and stylish look that catches the eye in a playful way. I even found a way to do this that saves time and guarantees perfect results. (It’s one of my trade secrets, so don’t ask!!)  I believe in this so much that I even check that the stripes match when I’m out shopping. If it’s a pair of flannel PJ’s and the stripes don’t match, that’s a definite no!

So, when you really have your heart set on anything stripes, always make sure they match. You will really appreciate this attention to detail.

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Now that the weather is really warming up, please stay cool and hydrated! It's going to be a long, hot summer!


Until next time.



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