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Knit With Me Sew With Me

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

America just celebrated another birthday (and that long weekend was terrific). Summer is here, which means vacations, barbeques, time at the beach or just relaxing and taking it easy. This is also the time when creating products for the upcoming fall/holiday season is number one on the to do list. Knit Me Sew Me is constantly evolving, starting with things for babies and now offering a line of accessories and home goods. I have also had to learn about technology, which hasn't been easy. As you all know, I love a challenge; however, sometimes I feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew! I will admit that there are some folks who have helped me along the way and continue to do so. We all need support on whatever journey we are on. Below is what's been happening. Enjoy the read!

What’s in Alise’s Toolbox - Part 2

Knitting is a huge part of Knit Me Sew Me. That means knitting needles are absolutely essential. Knitting needles have come a long way from ones my mom and grandma used. I learned on metal needles. They were useful; however, I couldn’t stand the clacking noise they made. (Honestly, the noise drove me crazy!)

(From left to right: flex bamboo needles, circular bamboo needles, standard size bamboo needles, shorter bamboo needles, double-pointed bamboo needles, plastic needles)

Above is a photo of a TINY percentage of the knitting needles in my stash, and here is a bit of information about each one. As with crochet hooks, I have duplicates of lots of the needles, and bamboo needles are my absolute favorites!

Flex Bamboo Needles - These are the “flexible” version of the standard bamboo needles. These work well when you are working on a large project as each of them measures 20 inches, a bit longer than the standard needle.

Circular Needles - These are perfect for any project that is made in the round. I use these for hats as there is no seam! These come in three different lengths: 16 inches, 24 inches and 29 inches. The length to use depends on how thick the yarn is and the number of stitches the pattern calls for.

Standard Needles - These are by far the most popular length of knitting needle and the one I use a great majority of the time. They come in a wide array of sizes, and I have very single size available!

Short Needles - These are a shorter version of the standard needles. I use these when binding off stitches at the end of a project. They are less cumbersome to use than the standard size. These also come in lots of sizes.

Double-Pointed Needles - I can honestly say I that a “love-hate” relationship with these. I was so frustrated the first few times I tried to use these. However, many of my knitted hat patterns call for double-pointed needles when decreasing for the top. That old adage “practice makes perfect” is really true. I finally got the hang of it and even came up with my own technique, so this is now very easy for me.

Plastic Needles - Sometimes you need really large needles, and plastic is the only option. Totally not my favorite, but it is what it is and you have to go with the flow!

Testimonial - This edition's testimonial comes from Natasha Yonkof of The Soc-Somu Agency. She writes: “Alise is incredible to connect with! She has a passion for bringing joy to others through her creations. If you're looking for any knitted or crocheted items, I’d recommend reaching out to her. Also, a perfect option if you’re looking for custom-made items to give to clients (realtors, coaches, etc.).”

Adventures in Lucky Ducky-land

Lucky Duckies are starting to fly all over the country. This beauty is in Michigan at Auntie Natalie’s house and then to Portage, Michigan. He’ll also be traveling to Arizona. Can’t wait to see where he will be going! Check out the new playlist on Knit Me Sew Me’s YouTube channel entitled “Adventures in Lucky Ducky-land.” As videos are submitted, they will be uploaded to the playlist. Please subscribe, like and share so you’ll always see his newest adventures.

Lucky Ducky Goes to Europe Again! - Part 2

Today, I am in Croatia, specifically Osijek and Vukovar. The cobblestone street is quaint, quiet and beautiful. It was also rainy and very cold so no one was out the square! I was lonely, and really wanted to make some new friends! The purple flowers certainly added lots of color. I blended in, sort of! I stood outside a home of a Croatian veteran who had fought in what is primarily referred to as the “Homeland War.” His home was lost in the war and has since been rebuilt. He invited us into his home for dessert and apricot brandy. His traumatic story was very hard to hear, and we cried…but we thanked him for continuing to share this history. Stay tuned for my next adventure in Europe and please, subscribe and share!

And finally

Until next time!


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