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I recently purchased a cast iron skillet handle cover from the fabulously talented Alise.  As I am a novice and learning to use the cast iron skillet, this handle cover has quickly become my favorite kitchen item.  I can put it on the handle right before removing the skillet from the oven.  No worries about burned fingers or hands.  I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a cast iron skillet.  In fact, order two!!     Sharon B.

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Alise, Liz and I love our Knitty head wraps and matching wristlets. Thank you so much!   Grace


Beth wearing her new Knitty head wrap, which she has also fashioned into a neck wrap.  So clever and beautiful as well!

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Alise, thank you for the custom-made chenille hats.  They are a perfect fit!  Rosamond

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Jordyn wearing her custom Knit Me Sew Me

Jordyn wearing her custom pug hat ordered by her grandpa Tony

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Just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into finding the perfect colors for my granddaughter’s blanket.  It turned out beautiful like everything you have made for me.  It’s been a pleasure working with someone who takes pride and cares about her work.  Look forward to working with you again.  Cathy

Love the ducky and precious basket with bunny and eggs.  I look forward to seeing the look on the recipients' faces when they get these!   Blessings and thank you!  Joan

Thank you again for your wonderful, custom hats.  One is for a neighbor who was recently diagnosed with cancer and has lost her hair.  She and I giggle about wearing in-your-face pussy hats!  Thanks.  Bonnie

OMG, the owl hat is the cutest thing ever!!  Emily


When I walk my dog on a crisp winter LA morning, I LOVE throwing on my hand made head wrap from Knit Me Sew Me! I really need my ears to be warm and this head wrap is perfect!  The matching fingerless hand warmers are just what I need to control my 75-pound dog, too.  I have given them to all my family and friends.  They are so soft and come in great colors to match a casual or sophisticated coat!  P.S.  You’ll be happy you have them on your next ski trip, too!  Diane

Love, love my finger free mittens.  They are so soft, keep my hands warm, but still allow me to use my fingers.  I bought them in different colors to coordinate with my wardrobe.  I also got them to give as gifts and everyone loved them!  Alexandra

I have purchased numerous items from Alise - baby blankets, scarves, hats, gloves - and each item is absolutely beautiful and crafted with tremendous skill.   Alise is so easy to work with.  You cannot go wrong purchasing any item from Alise.  Randy

Only one word can describe them ... FABULOUS!  There is nothing on the market that even comes close to these unique, hand-made creations.  They have a life of their own.  The quality is unsurpassed and nothing beats the price.  If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, you've found it!  Sylvia

I have purchased many specialties from Alise.  They are perfect for baby shower and birthday gifts!  Impress a friend with a unique, handmade gift as opposed to the standard gift.  Alise is a perfectionist, which is very apparent in her workmanship!  Alise also offers a wide variety of specialties to choose from, allowing you to find a gift for anyone from your baby to your mother!  So, do yourself a favor and check out her website!  Kelley

Alise is a true artist.  I love everything she does, and everything that I have ever purchased from her has been a huge hit!!  Thank you!  xoxoxox  Sharon

I have been purchasing Alise’s creations for years.  Her handmade pieces are my go-to gifts for every occasion and are always a big hit.  Her passion, creativity, skill and designs are always on trend.  I’m always excited to see what she has in store, as she always comes up with something new, fun, exciting and practical.  Her yarns and colors are gorgeous.  She is a true talent and perfectionist, so the quality of each piece is absolutely outstanding.  She puts her heart and soul into every piece, so you are truly experiencing works of art.  Eugenia Weston - Founder - Senna Cosmetics 

I have bought several items from Knit Me Sew Me--blankets, stuffed animals, coasters--and have been delighted with the workmanship exhibited in the products.  They are solidly made, child-safe and most of the items are washable.  Each piece has its own personality and will provide years of service.  Thanks, Alise!   Samantha

I have purchased many items for myself and gifts from Alise - hats, scarves and gloves, all beautifully handcrafted and unique.  Also, the crocheted baby lamb for my newborn niece was a big hit, so soft and sweet, and is one of her favorites!  Alise’s items are high quality and you get a sense she puts a little bit of love in each one.  Mary

I’m a huge believer in giving a gift that’s handmade over something store-bought.  Alise always has what I’m looking for and at the right price.  Her items are well made with quality materials.  I’m proud to give her products as gifts.  Linda G.

I have purchased several items over the years for both myself and as gifts for others.  Each item was beautifully handcrafted, unique, and a pleasure to wear and to give.  I'm very appreciative of items made by hand!  Linda C.

I have known Alise for many years and happily have been the welcome recipient of her beautiful knitwear.  I have received many compliments on these lovely pieces and have given numerous ones as gifts to family who have been delighted to receive them.   Renee

Thanks again for everything.  Your wristlets are going to make two people happy for Christmas!  Gloria

Alise, I have attended your first and second annual yarn party, and each time I have come away with wonderful items.  I am so pleased with the hand-knit hats you custom-made for me!  And of course, the knit scarves and hand warmers from last year as well.  I always knew that covering my head would make me warmer.  Standing on the train platform in the mornings used to be brutal, but wearing the scarf, hat and hand warmers now, I am so warm!  And I didn't have to buy a warmer coat!  This year I also purchased something for my boss.  I found a beautiful scarf/collar, and after years of struggling with what to get someone who basically can purchase anything she wants.  But what better perfect gift than a hand-crafted beautiful one-of-a-kind scarf!  Love you.  Robin

Thanks for the beautiful sweater for Neffy.  I can't wait for it to get cold enough for her to wear it!.  See you soon.  Joanie

Thank you so much for the Penny Penguin, Lucky Ducky and coaster.  The kids LOVE them!  Michelle

Alise provides high quality fashion at an affordable price, and it took so little time to place and receive my order.  My nieces loved the colorful scarves and headwear made by Alise!  I know that Alise’s products will be a permanent part of my holiday shopping!  Peter

Knit Me Sew Me has been a truly wonderful way for me to express the personal attention that is necessary when someone has a new addition to the family.  I have purchased six baby blankets since I became acquainted with Knit Me Sew Me.   To my amazement, after the first two blankets were given, the proud new parents have since contacted me; and I have given them Alise's information for new gifts.  The unique animals she has created as coasters (mice, lions, bears and more) have been my greatest gift to give.  I have purchased these for children, and adults have smiles when they have been the recipient. I keep "The Mouse" (my nickname since high school) on my desk as a holder for bottled water.  When associates come by,  there is always a comment about "The Mouse."  I have had great pleasure in giving these wonderful coasters to friends and associates alike.  Alise, keep up the good work.  Thank you for being so creative and keeping me out there as an "Original Gift Sender."  Keep creating fun in my life.  I may never have to grow up as I have Knit Me Sew Me to keep me young.  Who said there is no Peter Pan?  Marcey

Alise, thank you so much!  I love my scarf and wear it non-stop!  Have gotten lots of compliments!     Tammy