Each piece is unique and handcrafted for you!  To place an order, please call me at (818) 419-3434 or e-mail me at alise@knitmesewme.com.  There are many multi-color items available in addition to those currently shown on the website; however, due to uncertainty regarding availability of yarns, they are not posted.  If you are interested in multi-color specialties, I would be happy to work with you.


AmeriBear - $29.95 - This lovable bear embodies American spirit and patriotism. You'll never find a cuter and more symbolic use of our country's three colors ... red, white and blue!  AmeriBear sits proud and tall (9" seated).

04-10 - Ellie Funt.jpg

Ellie Funt - $74.95 - This girl is a real beauty.  At 12" tall, she's a bright and happy presence and is made to order!

Lucky Duckies 2.jpg

Lucky Ducky - $14.95 - This lovable cutie-pie is perfect for any occasion.  Available in white and bright yellow.  The ribbon color is up to you!

05-04 - Ollie Funt.jpg

Ollie Funt - $74.95 - Ellie has a brother!  That's right!  His name is Ollie, and he's just as cute and adorable as his sister.  Ollie sits 12" tall and is made to order.

Panda Bear.jpg

Panda Bear - $74.95 - Pandas are rare, which makes this adorable "study in black and white" all the more special. This particular panda is really huggable, made to order and approximately 14" tall (seated).

Penny Penguin.jpg

Penny Penguin - $39.95 - Penny Penguin has come down from the North Pole and wants to make his new home with you!  This made to order dapper lovable is approximately 15" tall; and in his finest tuxedo, he is dressed to impress.

02-28 - Wendle the Winter Bear.jpg

Wendel the Winter Bear - $29.95 -  Dressed in his warmest scarf, Wendel is ready to go wherever you want to take him (and always with a smile)!  Wendel is 9" tall (seated) and will keep you warm, no matter how cold it gets!  Wendel is made to order all year round.

02-27 - Yogi Bear.jpg

Yogi Bear - $74.95 - You'll want to share your picnic basket with this bear!  Yogi is quite large (14" tall seated) as he REALLY loves those picnic treats!  His arms and legs are fastened with big buttons.  All in all, he's a real looker; and he is made to order, especially for you!