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Crocheted Stuffed Animals

In a world filled with mass-produced toys and plastic playthings, handmade crocheted stuffed animals are unapparelled.  These are expertly handcrafted by Knit Me Sew Me and include hours of dedicated work, TLC and creativity.  Customization is a a great way to ensure you have a one-of-a-kind treasure.  Yarn choices are endless and features can be specially requested.  Because these crocheted stuffed animals are made to last, they become cherished keepsakes.  When it comes to baby showers and baby gifts, handcrafted crocheted stuffed animals stand out as unique and very thoughtful choices.  It shows that the gift giver has taken the time to select something really special.  Let us create perfect companions for little ones to cherish for many years to come.  To place an order, visit our online store. 
Wendle the Winter Bear

Wendel the Winter Bear - $29.95 -  Dressed in his warmest scarf, Wendel is ready to go wherever you want to take him (and always with a smile)!  Wendel is 9" tall (seated) and will keep you warm, no matter how cold it gets!  Wendel is made to order all year round.

Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear - $74.95 - You'll want to share your picnic basket with this bear!  Yogi is quite large (14" tall seated) as he REALLY loves those picnic treats!  His arms and legs are fastened with big buttons.  All in all, he's a real looker; and he is made to order, especially for you!

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