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Primary Color Crocheted Baby Blanket

This is the very first crocheted baby blanket that I ever made. One of my co-workers at the time was expecting her first child (a boy), and I thought this would be absolutely perfect. The mom-to-be was thrilled when she received this blanket at her baby shower. Since that time, I have made over 80 custom crocheted baby blankets. I have had so many custom requests throughout the years. One of my customers provided the crib skirt fabric, which I took to the store and perfectly matched up the yarn for her custom crocheted baby blanket. Other customers have given me general colors and turned me loose to find yarn that they envisioned to make their blanket a reality.(It’s probably very funny seeing me at the yarn store taking photos, texting them to my client and then calling to obtain approval right in the yarn section of the store!).See the full array of “Custom Baby Blankets” on the homepage. (P.S. In addition to the crocheted baby blankets posted on the website, I also have an entire file drawer full of crocheted baby blanket patterns to choose from!)


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