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Lucky Ducky Goes to New York - Part 7

Our last day in New York finds us at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and grounds and Wall Street.

Our tour guide, Max, gave us tons of history about the Memorial, Museum and the grounds, including the two reflection pools where the Twin Towers once stood. It is a very solemn place and really encompasses what happened on that fateful day with class and taste.

There is a birthday every day. Each morning before the Memorial opens, a white rose is placed in the name of that person’s birthday. Family members leave flags, notes and flowers. On 9/11, only family members are allowed into the Memorial, Museum and grounds.

We saw one of the pillars removed from Ground Zero, as well as the Vesey Street stairs that many survivors used that day.

The Survivor’s Tree, a Callery Pear tree, was found burned and broken at Ground Zero six weeks after the attack. The tree was removed and taken to the Bronx where it was nursed back to health and returned to the Memorial in 2010. It stands as a living reminder of resilience, survival and rebirth.

Across the street from the Memorial is the Oculus. It is a transportation hub as well as a beautiful shopping mall. The architecture is amazing! In the background is One World Trade Center. These fun animal sculptures are outside of the Oculus. They are quite popular, and I was glad to be back with some of my brethren.

We then walked down to Wall Street. The New York Stock Exchange is located here. (I’m in the center bottom with Mom Alise.) No trip to New York is complete without a photo with the Wall Street Bull.

Our last stop before flying home was the world famous Carnegie Deli, which is near Carnegie Hall. Yummers!

We had a terrific time here in New York, and we were sad to leave (since Mom and Auntie finally figured out the subway system!). However, take a guess as to where I’m going next!

If you missed Parts 1 though 6, you can view them, and other videos of Lucky Ducky's adventures, on our YouTube channel @Knit Me Sew Me

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