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Lucky Ducky Goes to New York - Part 2

Today is our first full day in New York! Our first stop was for breakfast in the hotel, which was included every day. It was absolutely yummy, and I’m fueled for the day’s activities.

I took my very first subway ride and even got my own seat! We're on our way to the Upper West Side to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This place is huge!!! There was a special exhibition of Egyptian art and hieroglyphics. There were lots of great paintings by some very famous artists.

After stopping by the hotel for a little rest and to pick up dinner, we’re off to Queens for a night at the US Open. The Billie Jean King National Tennis Center is on the grounds of the New York World’s Fair. Before watching tennis, it was time for dinner! We shared a table with Katherine and Lorenzo, who travelled from Maryland. We also met Aaron, one of the many security personnel. Once we made it to our seats in Arthur Ashe Stadium, we got a great view of the court. We saw Carlos Alcaraz, the number one player in the world (at that time).

It was a long, but fun day and we’ll be back for more tennis on Thursday!

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