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Knit With Me Sew With Me

Updated: Jul 26

Spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming in so many vibrant colors. In Los Angeles, temps are warming up, and we're getting ready to make that transition into the summer.

Here at Knit Me Sew Me, "busy" is an understatement. There's always lots of things to do. New products are in the works (stay tuned, they are terrific!), and the inventory is growing in preparation for the fall/holiday season. (Yes, when products are handmade, lots of lead time is essential; and you don't have to wait until then to order products online).

Please enjoy the following. It's truly a pleasure to bring these posts to you.

Creativity and Collaboration - Creativity and collaboration are two really important concepts of Knit Me Sew Me, especially because everything is handmade. The sky is literally the limit, and there are no bounds when it comes to creativity.

Over the years I have had some really unique and interesting requests. One came from a wonderful woman who I met at a boutique. She is a huge “mouse” fan and wanted one of the “mouse” hats. However, she also wanted it with ear flaps. So, what I ultimately came up with was to combine two different patterns to create this hat for her. I used the Owl Hat pattern for the hat since this pattern had ear flaps. Then I took the “mouse” hat pattern and used it for crocheting the ears. The finished product was absolutely beautiful, and she loved it. To complete her look, she asked for a red and black “mouse” colored scarf. I wrote the pattern for the scarf and created this as well.

Another request came from my sister-in-law, who wanted a toilet paper roll cover to match her newly remodeled bathroom. She sent me the dimensions of the toilet paper (yes, they are different) and the bathroom colors. I had the perfect yarn as part of my huge stash and topped it off with a wooden button. Sheer perfection!

I love being challenged and collaborating with my customers to create beautifully handcrafted, and in most cases, one-of-a-kind, specialties. If you have an idea or see something that you like but cannot find, please give Knit Me Sew Me the opportunity to be of service. I would be honored to do so.

Please check out Knit Me Sew Me’s Creativity and Collaboration video on our YouTube channel at and keep up-to-date by subscribing. We would really appreciate it.

Tip of the Week - “Patterns” - Patterns are available in lots of places. Online is my go-to place. Free patterns are abundant. Deciphering a pattern can be a whole new ballgame. Most folks who write and share their patterns mean well and want users to enjoy the experience. Some instructions are very straight forward and easy to read. Others can be a nightmare. It’s always best to review a pattern in its entirety before starting a project and check your work as you move along. Even though I’ve been knitting and crocheting for decades, I sometimes forget my own advice, which costs me precious time. The bottom line is that we all are always students of our craft.

Keep an eye out for my new series entitled "How to Read a Crochet Pattern." It’s going to be informational and will show the process I use to create beautifully handcrafted products for Knit Me Sew Me.

Yarn 101 - Part 4 - What is a “pull skein?

There are thousands of different yarns out in the marketplace, and almost all of them are “pull skeins.” So, what is a pull skein?

In the photo above, you’ll see two “ends.” The end on the right is the end of the skein. The end on the left, is the “pull.” When this end is pulled, the yarn comes out from the middle and works itself out until the skein is completed. If your yarn is a pull skein, always pull the end from the middle and start there. The skein will unwind easier and save you time in the long run.

I'm really getting out of my shell (sometimes kicking and screaming!). - I was honored to have been interviewed for “Authentic Conversations,” a podcast by Adele Bernard from Transition Clarity, which helps clients to move through a process that brings clarity to the changes going to happen in one’s life. Adele helps you get clear on what you want as an end result for anything that you are going through. Her goal is to help you make long-lasting positive change.

We talked about how I went from being an employee working for others to becoming a solopreneur and working for myself. Believe me, it’s much harder than you’d think. Adele asked me some very interesting questions, which I really enjoyed answering.

The link to the podcast is If you are experiencing some difficulty in your life and would like some help, please visit Adele’s website at

Testimonial - This edition's testimonial comes from Laura Liebig. Laura is the force behind “Baby Parent Steps,” which helps parents understand how to naturally support their child in every growth stage during their first 18 months. She writes: “Alise’s creativity is beyond imagination. Seeing her handmade collection, which, BTW, every child, and adult would love to play with, left me speechless. I spread the word to my baby-mama classes the very next day. I met Alise, and so should you. Thank you, Alise, for sharing your passion with me. Loved it!”

And, finally!

Until next time!


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