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Knit With Me Sew With Me

Updated: Jul 26

What's New??? Well, I love smooth jazz!! Last weekend, I traveled down to the San Diego area for a mini-vacation and to spend a few days with my sister, Sharon. On Saturday night, we went to the La Costa resort for a beautiful outdoor concert featuring jazz pianist Brian Simpson and jazz saxophonist Jakiem Joyner. They were fantastic!

To top off the weekend, the next night we went to the Rady Shell (right next to the water) to see Earth, Wind & Fire. OMG, they were unbelievable! Three of the original members are still part of the group (see photo below), and they were joined on stage by nine others. They played all of their greatest hits, as well as others. What an incredible experience! If they come your way for a concert, this is a must see!

Three founding members of Earth, Wind and Fire
Three founding members of Earth, Wind and Fire

What’s in Alise’s Toolbox - Part 1

Welcome to my new series, “What’s in Alise’s Toolbox.” This series will explore all the tools and implements I use to create products for Knit Me Sew Me. Part 1 is Crochet Hooks.

Crochet hooks are the most important part of making something that’s crocheted! There are lots of different kinds of crochet hooks.

The photo below shows only a fraction of the HUGE supply of crochet hooks I have in my arsenal. There are aluminum hooks (everything except the three on the left), bamboo hooks (the second and third from the left), and plastic hooks (the big one on the left). Some come with ergonomic handles. Some have inline hooks; others have tampered hooks. Some even have lights!

Lots of different crochet hooks
Array of crochet hooks

For me, my go to’s are regular aluminum crochet hooks. They are lightweight and easy to use. I also have more than one in every size, just in case one pulls a disappearing act!! You might be wondering why one of the hooks is half the size as the others. Well, that’s because I broke it! (Some of them are so small that they can break, even if they are aluminum.) This half-size crochet hook is perfect to weave in ends. I also try to have hooks in different colors, especially if the pattern calls for more than one size hook. This helps me prevent a hook size mix up (and yes, I have had this happen and it’s a pain in the drain and a total waste of time). To learn more about this staple in my toolbox, there’s a great article at

Testimonial - This edition's testimonial comes from Natasha Yonkof of The Soc-Somu Agency. She writes: “Alise is incredible to connect with! She has a passion for bringing joy to others through her creations. If you're looking for any knitted or crocheted items, I’d recommend reaching out to her. Also, a perfect option if you’re looking for custom-made items to give to clients (realtors, coaches, etc.).”

Collage of many of Knit Me Sew Me's handmade products
Knit Me Sew Me Products Collage

Lucky Ducky Goes to Europe Again! - Part 1

Hi, it's Lucky Ducky!

Lucky Ducky in Bright Yellow
Lucky Ducky in Bright Yellow

I packed my bag and I’m off to Europe again!! I’m in Prague on the first leg of my Eastern European trip to the Czech Republic with Mom, Debby, and Dad, Jack. I'm so excited to be in Europe again and looking forward to seeing new places the next few weeks.

I visited Old Town Prague, and it was so beautiful! There’s a tram that runs through the city! It was so easy to get around.

Linking Prague Castle to the Old Town, Charles Bridge offers a thoroughly romantic promenade across the Vltava. The open-air gallery of Baroque statues has been inspiring poets and novelists alike since it was built in 1357. I didn't forget to touch the base of the St. John of Nepomuk statue for good luck.

The Heroes’ Square (Hősök tere), one of the most important, the largest and most visited areas of Budapest. Heroes’ Square is geographically included in the boundaries of the Park Varosliget and is considered its main entrance. The square was formed for the celebration of the Millennium of Hungary. It was then the monument to the Millennium, which is the main decoration of the square. Currently, the square hosts concerts, festivals and other events, and on both sides of the center square museums: the Museum of Fine Arts and Palace of Arts, the so-called Mucsarnok.

I also got to see the Parliament in Budapest at night. It was so beautiful. Look at the detail in the architecture.

I was across the river to see the view of the Parliament in Budapest in the day time. I am on the Buda side overlooking the Pest side.

Stay tuned for the next stop on my trip!

New Product Launch - I'm pleased to announce the launch of Knit Me Sew Me’s newest girls’ purse, the Scalloped Girls Crossbody Purse. This fabulous purse measures 8" wide and 7-1/2" tall and is so colorful and perfect for carrying goodies. The strap is adjustable, and the purse includes a snap closure.

Collage of the five new Scalloped Girls Crossbody Purses
Collage of the five new Scalloped Girls Crossbody Purses

Some colors are very limited, so please order early at

And finally

A football player sitting on the bench knitting
Football Funny

Until next time!


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