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Knit With Me Sew With Me

Updated: Jul 26

Summer is definitely here. I moved to Los Angeles from Phoenix and actually thought I was getting away from triple-digit heat. Boy was I wrong! It's been brutally hot the last two weeks with no relief in sight. In addition to the heat, our air conditioning unit conked out (it was over 16 years old); and we had to get a new one, as well as an upgrade to the furnace. Talk about a huge financial ouch!! The new unit is energy and environmentally efficient. I'm so longing for this past January and February when is was in the 50's and 60's.

Even though it's hot, things are "smoking" at Knit Me Sew Me. Products are being made and lots of new items will be posted to the website really soon. I'll keep you posted when they will be available.

Enjoy the blog and please share it with others.

What’s in Alise’s Toolbox - Part 3

Here’s a few more goodies in my toolbox. On the left are scissors, which are an absolute must. These are just three pairs of my supply of scissors. The size I use depends on the project. I use the huge pair on the left to cut felt for the tooth fairy pillows. The middle pair I use for those hard-to-reach areas, as it has a really sharp tip. The blue ones are my usuals; however, if I’m going on a plane, these are the one I take since the tip is rounded. TSA doesn’t have a problem with these.

Next to the scissors are a few types of markers. The left three can slide on any stitch basically at any time since they have an opening. The four ring markers to the right are used as you are working. They come in different sizes. If you are using small needles, the small ones are best. Use the larger ones for larger needles. They shouldn’t flop around while in use.

On the top right is a red row counter (I have two of these!), as well as the one on the knitting needle. These are absolutely essential when knitting and crocheting. Almost every pattern has multiple rows. Row counters help you keep organized so you’ll always know where you are. I also use paper pads, especially for baby blankets to ensure stripes have the correct number of rows.

Testimonial - This edition's testimonial comes from Vivienne Stephen, who I met on the Alignable small business platform. She writes: “Alise Kabakoff is wonderfully talented, creative and a joy to know. Her business is a go to option if you need a handmade and heartfelt item. She will create custom made items for you and your family and friends. Her creativity will ensure satisfaction and admiration with anything she crafts for you and your loved ones.”

New Product Launch

We are pleased to announce new additions to our sneaker booties family. Shown is Paint Party. Other new colors are Blossmopolis, Easter Basket/Soft Pink, Lollipop Love and Soft Pink/Easter Basket. Sizes are small, medium and large. These make the ideal baby shower gift and will keep those cute little feet warm and toasty!

Lucky Ducky Goes to Europe Again! - Part 3

Today, I’m in Belgrade and Gloubac, Serbia. The town square is quaint and beautiful. It's really cold and rainy, so the square is pretty deserted. Mom, Debby, is keeping me warm and dry!

I also visited the beautiful Saint Sava Temple in Golubac. This is the largest Orthodox church in Serbia. The architecture is fabulous, and the murals inside the church are unbelievable. We are here on the Serbian Orthodox Easter weekend, which is a very special holiday. I have always loved listening to beautiful street music, and Serbia is no exception.

This young lady is so very talented!! I loved meeting the little Easter bunny, and we became fast friends!!

Lastly, no matter where I am in the world (this is Ruse, Bulgaria), I always find relatives! We are everywhere!

Stay tune to my next stop!

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What’s on my crochet hook?

This time, it’s another beautiful crocheted custom baby blanket for by my customer, Dale, who has ordered one for each of her grandchildren. This third one is light grey, white and khaki. Love, love, love this color combo! I love special orders, especially something totally new that really challenges me. That’s the beauty of handmade. With handmade, you receive a product that is made with expertise, love, originality and in many instances, a one-of-a-kind! The next time you need something special, I hope you’ll give Knit Me Sew Me the opportunity to be of service!

Who says assembly lines are just for manufacturing plants?

Well, not me. Sometimes it’s easier to create a whole bunch of one thing, put them together and move on. I do this with the tooth fairy pillows since it’s easier to cut out all the pieces at one time. It’s also the same for the Mouse Purses. With inventory totally gone, it was time to make another supply. So, I started in and made 14 of these, seven in red and seven in pink. This is certainly not easy as each purse has eight pieces. (That’s a total of 112 pieces for all of these.) I spent one entire Saturday sewing the ears to the fronts and backs and crocheting the border around each. Didn’t get to sleep until midnight!!! After that, it’s crocheting the backs and fronts together, adding the strap and bow and then sewing on the snap closures. Oy, that’s a ton of work. The finished purses are stunning and ready for new homes!

Adventures in Lucky Ducky-land continues!

Today’s excursion is the Renaissance Fair with his mom, Jenny. They had a wonderful time seeing all the sites at the fair. Where will Lucky Ducky go next? Stay tuned to find out!

And finally

This could be me and my husband!

Until next time!


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