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Knit With Me Sew With Me

Updated: Jul 26

Color Makes the World go 'round! Colors can be vibrant, muted, solid, variegated, hand-dyed, machine-dyed and everything in between. I always have my customers in mind when choosing colors for Knit Me Sew Me’s products. What I have found is that the basics work really well for just about everyone, especially for accessories. Occasionally, I have a customer who wants something out of the ordinary, and I absolutely love that. I even have customers who provide their own yarn so they get exactly what they want. Whether it be a custom baby blanket that matches the colors of a nursery or just a solid color hat, scarf, headwrap or gloves to match a coat, Knit Me Sew Me can handle it all, and we would appreciate the opportunity to do so. Please check out the “Colors” video below. It's on YouTube, so please subscribe so you’ll always be up-to-date!

It’s time to hear from one of Knit Me Sew Me’s satisfied customers! The testimonial below comes from Susie Whipple, who I met on the Alignable platform. She writes … “The bowl cozies that Alise makes are wonderful! No more burned fingers when taking items out of the microwave!! Don’t have any, then you need to get some…you won’t be sorry!”

So, what’s it like being a solopreneur? Well, I can tell you that it’s really hard. I had no idea what this would be like and everything that I would have to do to be successful. I have realized, however, that I can’t do it alone. That’s why I have a team of fabulous women who have helped me along the way. Tina Paredes built the e-commerce site. After that was completed, I spent hours adding Knit Me Sew Me’s products to it. It’s a continual task since the product line changes. It was such a joy to finally see this happen.

Social media has been a huge part of Knit Me Sew Me for almost two years. My social media guru, Kim Schlereth has done a phenomenal job. Postings may be found on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Alignable and Google. Knit Me Sew Me also has a YouTube channel. Please check it out and subscribe!

In addition to all of this, I began networking using the Alignable and Happy Neighborhood Project platforms about 18 months ago. I have met so many fabulous folks who have offered their support and expertise. I have made so many connections and new friendships have developed from these.

And finally, blocking out time to create Knit Me Sew Me’s products is sometimes difficult. This is so important since Knit Me Sew Me is a 100% handcrafted business. None of Knit Me Sew Me’s products are made in just a few minutes. It takes hours and sometimes days to create works of art and that finds me working occasionally into the night.

So, it’s all a balancing act. There are always lots of irons in the fire to manage. Does it get overwhelming at times? Yes, it sure does, but this is my passion and my heart, so I take a breath, take a short walk, put my nose to the ground stone and keep moving forward.

Before and After - From “what’s on my needles” to the finished product. These beautiful Moss/Stockinette Wristlets one of Knit Me Sew Me’s most popular products. They don’t fade, don’t stretch and are wonderful to wear! Teal is one of the many colors to choose from.

This Week's Funny! This t-shirt really says it all. Honestly, I'm wondering if they have one for knitters, since I do this as well!

Until next time!


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