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Knit With Me Sew With Me - January 23, 2023

Updated: Feb 2

We made it through another week!! I just returned from ten days in La Jolla taking care of my sister, who had surgery. She's doing really well, and I'm so proud of her! Family always comes first; and since mine is so small, it's even more important. Below is this week's blog, so please enjoy!

Finishing - What sets Knit Me Sew Me apart from everyone else? It’s our attention to detail. One of the aspects of detail is Finishing. Our opinion is that the finishing is more important than the actual construction of the product. The inside/back needs to look just as beautiful and clean as the outside/front. No one wants to see ends not woven in, shoddy/uneven seams and stripes that don’t match. Our customers expect products that are perfectly handcrafted and finished. Want to learn more? Check out the Finishing video on our YouTube channel and subscribe to always be in the know.

Above is a pair of Sand Dune Wristlets. The left wristlet is the inside; the right wristlet is the outside. They are perfect!

Recommendation - This week's recommendation is about one of Knit Me Sew Me’s most popular Home Goods product. Susie Whipple writes about the Bowl Cozies she received. “The bowl cozies that Alise makes are wonderful! No more burned fingers when taking items out of the microwave!! Don’t have any, then you need to get some…you won’t be sorry!” Order your very own bowl cozies. You will absolutely love them!

Before and After! Today, it’s a Knitty head wrap in Nova Scotian Sky. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful. Want to up your game even more? Then order a pair of matching Stockinette wristlets!

Featured Home Goods Product - Have a Swiffer and tired of paying high prices for wet or dry pads? If your answer is yes, then these are for you! Made from 100% washable cotton, Knit Me Sew Me’s Swiffer Covers may be used over and over again.

Weekly Funny - I don’t know. I think it’s cute and would make a great sheep costume for Halloween!

Until next time!


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