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Knit With Me Sew With Me

Updated: Feb 2

Hello everyone, Happy New Year and welcome to Knit Me Sew Me’s new blog! Here you will find tips and tricks, how to’s, new products and information. My goal is to blog as often as time permits. It is my pleasure to bring the world of handcraft to you!

Lucky Ducky has a new home!

Lucky Ducky is all rested from his trip to Europe in July. Despite the heat, he had a wonderful time in Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Italy. The “Win the Lucky Ducky that Went to Europe” contest is over, and he now has a new home! On Christmas Day, my husband, Joel, chose the winner. Lucky Ducky will make his new home in Tustin, California with Debby B. and her husband Jack. If you missed his trip, see the video diary on YouTube.

Knit Me Sew Me Loves Special Orders!!

Pug and Daniel Tiger Hats - These hats were created for Grandpa Tony’s granddaughter, Jordyn. The pug hat pattern is a compilation of several patterns, and was quite a challenge to make. Daniel Tiger was much easier as I was able to find a pattern online; however, putting it together and adding all the features was an all-day task. Tony has a new granddaughter, and he’s promised to place a special order for her as soon as her personality is revealed. See these two hats as well as others in the website’s Gallery section.

Jonathan Bear was requested by my new “sister” Natalie, for new mom-to-be Megan. This pattern was really interesting because the pieces were not crocheted in the round. Instead, each piece was made separately and then sewn together. The seams for all the pieces were either on the sides or on the top. Assembling him was really difficult; however, as I started putting all the pieces together, he really started to look terrific; and Megan absolutely loved him! See Jonathan Bear and other special orders in the Gallery section of the website.

One of our customers loves the Mouse, and she asked if I could make her a Mouse hat with ear flaps. I made this beautiful hat by combining two patterns, and the result was terrific. She then ordered a Mouse scarf, which I created for her from a pattern I wrote myself. See these and more in the website’s Gallery section.

One of the most unusual special orders came from my sister-in-law, Susan, who wanted a toilet paper roll cover for her newly remodeled bathroom. I found several patterns and texted them to her along with yarn samples. She picked the pattern and the yarn and then it was up to me to create something beautiful. Here is the result. The color and size were perfect, and the wooden button on top was the icing on the cake!

It’s easy to see that there is no limit to imagination, creativity and collaboration. That’s why “creatives” like me do this!

Until next time!


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