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Encore Presentation - Colors

Updated: Feb 14

Color makes the world go ‘round! Colors can be vibrant, muted, solid, variegated, hand-dyed, machine-dyed, and everything in between.

I always have my customers in mind when choosing colors for Knit Me Sew Me’s products. What I have found is that the basics work really well for just about everyone, especially for accessories


Occasionally, I have a customer who wants something out of the ordinary, and I absolutely love that. I even have customers who provide their own yarn so they get exactly what they want.

Whether it be a custom baby blanket that matches the colors of a nursery or just a solid color hat, scarf, headwrap, or gloves to match a coat, Knit Me Sew Me can handle it all, and we would appreciate the opportunity to do so.

Please check out the “Colors” video below (and on YouTube) and subscribe so you’ll always be up-to-date!

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Until next time!


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1 Comment

Jeanette Jordan
Dec 14, 2023

This is a fantastic video I didn’t know about color but I love it

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