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Crocheted Yogi Bear

You’ll definitely want to share your picnic basket with this bear! Yogi Bear is quite large (14” tall seated) and he REALLY loves those picnic treats! His arms and legs are fastened with big buttons. All in all, he's a real looker! Yogi Bear is one of Knit Me Sew Me’s collection of beautifully handcrafted stuffed animals. In addition to Yogi Bear, other bears are the AmeriBear, Panda Bear and Wendel the Winter Bear. Elephants include Ellie Funt and Ollie Funt. Lucky Duckys are available in three colors (white, cream and bright yellow) and last but not least is Penny Penguin. With the exception of the Lucky Duckys, all of Knit Me Sew Me’s stuffed animals are made to order, especially for you!


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