You have seen the finished product, but do you ever wonder how it's done?  Knit Me Sew Me is proud to introduce "Before & After."  The "Before" is the specialty in the works, and the "After" is the finished product.  Enjoy the journey!
Knitty Head Wrap in Linen
Knitty Linen in Process.jpg
Knitty - Linen.jpg
Knitty Head Wrap in Pink
Knitty - pink in progress.jpg
Knitty - Pink.jpg
Blend Scarf
New scarf in progress 1.jpg
Blend Scarf.jpg
Acryl Glitz Scarf - Brown
New scarf in progress 4.jpg
Acryl Glitz Scarf - Brown.jpg
Flamme Scarf - Greys
New scarf in progress 7.jpg
Flamme Scarf - Neutrals.jpg
Lustro Scarf - Fuschia
Lustro Scarf - Fuschia in progress.jpg
Lustro Scarf - Fuschia.jpg
Flamme Scarf - Neutrals
New scarf in progress 6.jpg
Flamme Scarf - Greys.jpg
Metallics Scarf - Teal
Metallics Teal Scarf in progress.jpg
Metallics Scarf - Teal.jpg
Paella Alpaca Scarf
New scarf in progress 3.jpg
Paella Alpaca Scarf.jpg
Banded Beanie - Crossword
Banded Cable Beanie in progress.jpg
Banded Beanie Hat.jpg
Moss Stockinette Wristlet - Graymist
Graymist Wristlets in the works.jpg
W-437 - Moss Stockinette Stitch Wristlet - Graymist.jpg
Moss Stockinette Wristlet - Ivory Metallic
Moss Stitch wristlets in progress.jpg
W-436 - Moss Stockinette Wristlet - Ivory Metallic.jpg
Beary Nice Hat (Special order in San Diego Padres Colors)
Beary Nice Hat - San Diego Padres before and after.jpg