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Before & After

You have seen the finished product, but do you ever wonder how it's made?  Knit Me Sew Me is proud to introduce "Before & After."  The "Before" is the specialty in the works (knitted and crocheted hats, knitted head wraps, knitted scarves, and knitted fingerless gloves), and the "After" is the finished product.  Enjoy the journey!
Knitted Hat - Belt Welt
Belt Welt Hats in Progress
Belt Welt Hats
Crocheted Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky in Bright Yellow
Lucky Ducky - How I'm Made
Knitted Wristlets - Stockinette - Aran Tweed
Aran Tweed Wristlets in Progress
Stockinette Wristlet - Aran Tweed
Knitted Head Wrap - Knitty - Linen
Linen Knitty Head Wrap in Progress
Knitty Head Wrap in Linen
Knitted Head Wrap - Knitty - Pink
Pink Knitty Head Wrap in Pink
Knitty Head Wrap in Pink
Knitted Scarf - Blend
Blend Scarf in Progress
Blend Scarf
Knitted Scarf - Metallics - Teal
Metallics Teal Scarf in Progress
Metallics Scarf in Teal
Knitted Fingerless Gloves - Moss Stockinette - Graymist
Graymist Wristlets in Progress
Moss Sttockinette Wristlets - Graymist
Knitted Fingerless Gloves - Moss Stockinette - Ivory Metallic
Ivory Metallic Moss Stitch Wristlets in Progress
Moss Stockinette Wristlet - Ivory Metallic
Crocheted Hat - Beary Nice (Special order in San Diego Padres Colors)
Beary Nice Hat - San Diego Padres Before and After
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