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Knitted and Crocheted Hats for Adults & Teens

Knit Me Sew Me’s knitted hats for women, men and teens are a fantastic way to keep your head warm during cold weather.  Knit Me Sew Me has chosen a great array of cable and beanie patterns that are sure to satisfy.  Depending on the pattern, our knitted cable hats can sport right cables, left cables or twisted cables.  The cable patterns create a uniqueness that is second to none.  Our beanies are made in combinations of knit and purl stitches that are absolutely stunning.

Our crocheted hats add another dimension to Knit Me Sew Me's product line.  Check out our Messy Bun hat!  It's constructed of crocheted cables, which makes it so unique.  Other crocheted beauties are the Owl hats, Tiger hats, Penguin hats and Mouse hats.

No matter your style, check out our hats, where you’re sure to find that perfect hat to keep you warm and stylin!  Pair it with our knitted fingerless gloves, and you'll be ready for winter.


To place an order, visit our online store.

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