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Keeping warm during the cold fall/winter months is a must; and here at Knit Me Sew Me, we can help you do that in a stylish and colorful way.  Knitted and crocheted handmade accessories are perfect!!  With our handcrafted accessories, you’ll get unique items that are made exclusively in the USA with expertise and lots of TLC!  Knit Me Sew Me specializes in knitted and crocheted handcrafted accessories that are not available in mass retail.  There are many kinds of handmade accessories to choose from.

We offer knitted and crocheted scarves created from unique and colorful beautiful yarns to keep your neck and chest warm.  Almost all of our handmade scarves are one-of-a-kind, so you’ll be the only person on the face of the earth to have it!

We have knitted and crocheted hats in many beautiful patterns.  Our knitted cabled and knit/purl patterned hats are extremely popular and are available in lots of colors.  Our Knitty knitted head wraps have become a “must-have.”  Knitty is adjustable and fits any size head.  It can also be worn as a cowl.

Last but not least are our knitted fingerless gloves (wristlets).  There’s no better way to keep your hands toasty warm while being able to use your fingers for typing, driving, walking your dog or any other use you need.  They are durable and won’t shrink, stretch or fade.

All of these make excellent gifts that are made to last!

To place an order, visit our online store.

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